Milestones / History




Duration adapted transient recording realized. Waveform of a burst signal is recorded from first threshold crossing to last threshold crossing including pre trigger- and post duration samples.


Vallen Systeme introduces a free file format based on SQLite3 for storing measurement data.


First deliveries of ISAFE3 AE-sensor systems. Completion of project CORFAT.


First deliveries of AMSY-6 system. Announcement of ISAFE3, an intrinsically safe AE-sensor system, developed as part of theCORFAT project


The new AMSY-6, successor of the world wide well known AMSY-5, was presented at the EWGAE conference in Vienna, September 2010.


Start of joint research project “KMU Innovativ – Effizienzsteigerung der Rohölverarbeitung durch Verlängerung der Revisionsfristen mittels Schallemissionsmonitoring“.


Start of EU funded project CORFAT (Cost effective corrosion and fatigue monitoring for transport products). This project continuous the research started within the ship-corrosion project (2002-2006).

Hartmut Vallen has been elected as Chairman of EWGAE.


Shipped first dual signal processor ASIP-2 boards.


Completion of EC-funded project "Acoustic Emission applied to mechanically loaded paper"

Completion of EC funded project "Detection and discrimination of corrosion attack on ships (crude oil tankers) with acoustic emission (AE)".


The German society for nondestructive testing (DGZfP) awarded Hartmut Vallen their badge of honor.


Supported by Deutsche Gesellschaft für zertörungsfreie Prüfung (DGZfP) Hartmut Vallen organized the bi-annual EWGAE conference in Berlin, Germany. More than 75 presentations were given in front of more than 130 attendees.


Fellow Award of the Acoustic Emission Working Group of USA (AEWG) was awarded to Hartmut Vallen at the conference in Portland, US.

Extension of company building was completed, which was necessary due to rapid corporate growth.

Start of EC-funded research project "Acoustic Emission applied to mechanically loaded Paper" in the framework of the EC program "Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources".


Start of AMSY-5 production

Start of EC-funded research project: "Detection and discrimination of corrosion attack on ships (crude oil tankers) with Acoustic Emission (AE)" in the framework of the specific EC program "Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development".

Hartmut Vallen was elected into the Executive Committee of European Working Group on Acoustic Emission (EWGAE).


Hartmut Vallen received EN473 Level-3-Certification in AT.

Completion of EC-funded project under the program "Standards, Measurement and Testing", Contract No. SMT4-CT97-2150 'Multimode scratch testing: Extension of operation modes and update of instruments' is completed.

AMSY-5, successor of AMSY4, was introduced.


Completion of EC-funded project under the program Standards, Measurement and Testing, Contract No. SMT4-CT97-2177 'Inspection of Flat Bottomed Storage Tanks by Acoustical methods',

Preparation of AE-courses for level 1, 2 and 3, according to the new EN473 NDT Personnel Certification Standard, in German language, finished. Hartmut Vallen is appointed to perform classroom courses about AE instrumentation


Development of VisualAE™, the new 32-bit all-in-one data analysis tool for Acoustic Emission, was completed.


Delivery of the first multi chassis AMSY4 system with in total of 108 channels.


Introduction of VisualClass™, a software package for pattern recognition.

German Standardization Organization (DIN) appointed Hartmut Vallen as German representative in CEN TC138 WG7 (Acoustic Emission).


Delivery of the first AMSY4.


Incorporation of the Vallen Systeme GmbH, due to significant growth in business. Hartmut Vallen is managing director and sole owner.


AMS3 launched as successor of AMS2


The first delivery of an AMS2 marks the end of the development and trial period of the first fully digital acoustic emission system in the world.


On customer request Hartmut Vallen focuses on development of a dedicated AE measurement device. Digital signal processing introduced into field of AE.


Hartmut Vallen founds the engineering company, Vallen Systeme. The company focuses on the development of very fast data acquisition systems. The quality and high performance of the systems lead to rapid increase of the customer base, primarily as a result of recommendations.