Leakage in valves, pipelines or storage tanks causes loss of transported or stored medium, i.e. your asset, pollution and danger factors for the environment as well as people. For safety reasons and asset protection, leak testing is an important task for operators of plants and pipelines.

AE leak testing is a non-intrusive method of detecting, quantifying and locating leaks. Friction of leaking medium generates sound waves in the ultrasonic range which can be detected and analyzed by an AE measurement system.

Pipelines of any diameter can be inspected without the necessity of complete access to the pipeline.  AE sensors need to be mounted in certain distances which guarantee that the waves reach at least two sensors for linear location.

Typical System Configuration

Chassis MB6
AE Signal Processor Board ASIP-2/S and TR-2/512 (transient recorder modules)
AE Sensors VS30-SIC-46dB or AEP4-ISTB with VS30-V
Analysis Software VisualAE, VisualTR
Location Modules Linear location
Additional Modules VisualClass for transient pattern recognition

Further Information

AMSY-6 System Description