Our Mission

We contribute significantly to the worldwide application and acceptance of AE technology through continuous development and innovation of system technology and analysis methods. We are listening to our customers to learn from and with them to continuously improve our products and service as well as adapt to market developments. Our target is to explore new applications and markets and offer efficient and cost-effective solutions to our customers.

Commitment to our Past

Our company is specialized in AE since 1980 and has built a worldwide customer base with long-lasting, trustful and fair customer relations. Basis for this success is our acknowledged understanding of AE testing, our technical expertise and focus on good customer relationships. We are committed to offer continuity to our customers and will carry on to justify their trust in us now and in the future.


Vallen Systeme GmbH has a comprehensive know-how in the development and marketing of hardware and software for acoustic emission testing. Our innovations set new standards on the market and are the basis for our competitiveness and commercial success.
We invest a substantial part of our resources in the development and marketing of new, innovative and competitive products. We participate in public funded research and development projects. Our experience and knowledge in AE testing and customer needs is the basis for the right decisions for our future products. Our in-house development and production teams assure fast and technically sound implementation of new ideas.


We understand that the reliability and stability of our products is very important to our customers because an outage can cause high costs. Therefore, we strive to keep and – if possible – improve the high quality of our products and processes wherever possible. Consequently, we are ISO 9001 certified (since 1998). Concentrating all our departments including  development, production, service, procurement, sales and management team in one facility guarantees flexibility and short response time for customer requests or market requirements.

Customer Orientation

We see ourselves as a partner of our customers. Our success is achieved and secured by supporting the long-term success of our customers. Our products, our services, our quality and our reliability should satisfy or exceed the expectations of our customers.


Our employees are the backbone of our company with their knowledge and dedication. We encourage our employees to act responsible and participate in shaping our future.

Fairness and Honesty

Our policy is always fair and honest, obeying national and international laws and is based on highest ethical principles.  This forms the basis of our actions and is supported by our staff.