Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

Get your Monitoring Challenge under Control using Acoustic Emission Solution

THE DEMAND In order to identify structural defects or critical conditions in aging industrial assets and new constructions the demand for SHM rises.

THE CAUSE Corrosion of reinforcing tendons in concrete structures has a negative impact on safety and operability.

THE LIFETIME OPTIMIZATION – Monitoring systems can offer operational optimization and possible lifetime extension of assets. This valuable tool for operators helps to manage financial, environmental and human risks.

THE REALIZATION – Critical “hot spots” are equipped with appropriate sensors for monitoring and analyzing activities inside.

THE SOLUTION – Using Vallen Systeme´s Acoustic Emission solution, you´ll get your monitoring challenge under control using only one measurement system.

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  1. Detection and location of defects during operation
  2. Monitoring of hidden and remote flaws
  3. Real-time monitoring 24/7 and early warning
  4. Integration and analysis of various sensor types in one system
  5. Customized solutions
  6. Improved risk and maintenance management


SENSOR TYPES AND DATA FUSION – Data fusion of various sensor types, e.g., for temperature, wind speed or strain gauge measurement, can be totally integrated by data logger.

DATA MANAGEMENT AND ANALYSIS – Data are conveniently analyzable together with acoustic emission data by Vallen Monitoring Software. Data storage in cloud and remote control are given.

REPORTING AND ALARMING – Results are reported and alarm is triggered.

Further Information

Vallen Monitoring Software

Your Vallen Systeme´s Acoustic Emission Solution

THE CUSTOMIZING – Your customized monitoring solution can be realized in several steps via solution development by a project team consisting of Vallen Systeme, service provider, and engineering consultants.

THE VALLEN SYSTEME´S PERFORMANCE Vallen Systeme provides acoustic emission equipment and engineering services in monitoring projects for operators, consulting engineers, ser-vice providers and public authorities.

THE EXPERTISE –Many years of experience in feasibility studies and various projects has resulted in continuous improvement and tailored measurement chains.

THE ADJUSTMENTS Sensors, their mounting devices and cables, as well as data acquisition and software features are adjusted to the new demands which makes the measurement system applicable in various 24/7 real-time monitoring projects.