Vallen Systeme is a company dedicated to manufacturing and developing AE measurement equipment. Completing our range of products are services related to our product portfolio such as conducting feasibility studies, equipment rental for feasibility studies, AMSY training and equipment verification.

System Training

Modern AE measurement equipment consists of powerful hardware and software with a multitude of built-in functionality. Vallen Systeme conducts AE measurement system trainings in order to increase your learning curve and ease your introduction into using your AE measurement equipment.
You will learn how to set up hardware and software as well as their features and functions. We provide a hands-on training in which you will learn to set up the hardware and software as well as using the features and functions. This effectively saves your time and resources.
It is our goal that you know features, functions and power of the measurement equipment well. You will learn the capabilities of the system and its limitations. The knowledge and skills communicated in the system training will enable you to successfully carry out AE jobs.

System Verification

A guideline for AE system verification is defined in European standard EN 13477-2. It is recommended to verify operation of AE system according to specification

  • if changes have been made to the system
  • if the equipment has been exposed to harsh environment
  • regular intervals

Vallen Systeme offers software and hardware for verification purposes. We also offer system verification services at our premises. We will verify the equipment and provide you with all necessary reports.


In case of a necessary repair of your measurement system, pick up contact with Vallen Systeme before sending in the system. You will receive instructions for sending back equipment and a RMA from us. For picking up contact with us, use the contact form or email to

Feasibility Studies

It is not always clear for the development of new AE applications, whether the measurements would provide the desired information. Since AE measurement equipment is cost intensive and requires trained personnel, decision for procurement of equipment must be well considered. In most cases, a feasibility study delivers the results necessary for a procurement decision. We at Vallen Systeme recognized these concerns and offer feasibility studies with state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained personnel.

Rental Equipment for Feasibility Studies

New applications of AE measurement pose exciting challenges to our customers and us. Vallen Systeme offers the possibility to rent equipment for feasibility studies. This way will show you if AE measurement is a suitable tool meeting your needs and requirements.
Additionally, we offer intensive system training. By participating in our training courses, you will get acquainted with operating the system. Upon request we can even support you with qualified personnel, assisting you in your various tasks.
We pursue the plan to provide you with the best possible solution for your diverse challenges.