Relocation: Since the spatial conditions in Icking are no longer sufficient for further growth, we decided to relocate to the Wolfratshausen industrial park. Here we found a new “home” with sufficient capacity for hardware and software development, production and sales. 

ERP implementation: In addition, we introduce a general ERP system. Its benefits are the improvement of organizational processes and structures, faster adaptabilty to changes and the optimization of business processes. By this tool, we are optimally equipped and positioned for future challenges and expansion. 


Condition Monitoring: We are starting several projects in the new field of condition monitoring of machines. First test projects in the industry are running successfully and deviations in the parameters of the machine can be significantly detected.  


Vallen Automation Manager Software and Dashboard: These new software components are comfortable tools to simplify and visualize monitoring applications of infrastructures. In addition to AE technology, the integration of a variety of further measurement systems is possible. Furthermore, alarms are triggered in critical situations and notification messages are sent. A cloud-based dashboard stores the relevant application results displaying the information in user-defined diagrams.


Vallen Smart Line™ Sensor: The first AE sensor (VS150-RSC) with integrated Vallen Smart Line™ preamplifier is released. Simplified operation is guaranteed as sensor type, serial number and gain are automatically identified and read by the AE system.


AMSY-6 with USB 3 interface: The AMSY-6 system with high performance USB 3 interface is now available. The USB 3 interface is part of the next generation system controller (UD2) of the AMSY-6 system and improves data transfer rate significantly.


Vallen AE Suite Software 2016: It’s the next evolutionary step to accelerate measurement procedures and simplify AE data analysis. Some key improvements are: algorithms for defect localization at objects, wizard based configuration setups, 3D visualization and system verification according to EN 13477-2.


SAAMMx20, Stand-Alone AE Monitoring Multiplexer: The first AE stand-alone structure and health monitoring device with multiplexing capabilities, low power consumption and standard industrial communication interface.


Intelligent waveform picking: The so-called “duration adapted transient recording” feature captures automatically the complete AE waveform, including user-defined pre- and post-samples. This enables new post-processing strategies to extract valuable information from the recorded waveform data.


SQLite3 database file format: Vallen Systeme introduces a ground breaking and open file format to the worldwide Acoustic Emission society! The SQLite3 database file format enables fast and flexible data processing for any customer, supporting Vallen analysis software as well as third party analysis tools like Matlab.


Intrinsically safe product family ISAFE3: This product family enables customers to install AE sensors in hazardous areas, even in zone 0.


AMSY-6: The next evolutionary step for AE systems was released. It is based on the established AMSY-5 and driven by many customer demands. The key highlights are USB 2.0 high speed, extended flexibility for multi-chassis applications, improved system performance and optimized reliability.


ASIP-2: New 2-channel AE data acquisition board with high performance DSP capabilities! Most important features are: On board AE feature and waveform processing, >500 digital selectable 8th order bandpass filter, 25 ns high resolution time stamping, 18 bit and 40 MSPS signal resolution and many more.


Completion of company building extension


AMSY-5: Market introduction of AMSY-5 as successor of AMSY4


Successfull EC-funded project completion: ‘Inspection of Flat Bottomed Storage Tanks by Acoustical methods’; Contract No. SMT4-CT97-217


VisualAE™ Software: First release of the new 32-bit all-in-one data analysis tool for Acoustic Emission applications


VisualClass™ Software: Introduction of a software package for pattern recognition


AMSY4: Market introduction


AMS3: Market introduction


AMS2: The first AMS2 marks the end of the development and trial period of the first fully digital acoustic emission system in the world.


Company formation of the engineering company Vallen Systeme: The company’s focus is the development of very fast data acquisition systems. Quality and high performance of the systems lead to rapid increase of the customer base and sales.