Self-Checking Sensor Network - Automated Data Analysis and Alarming - Cloud-Based Data Visualization

We offer customized turnkey systems consisting of sensor network, data acquisition, software and dashboard as comfortable solutions for various 24/7 real-time structural health monitoring (SHM) projects. The known “hot spots” representing the critical sources of defect can be easily equipped with our self-checking sensors and additional sensor types, e.g., for temperature, wind speed or strain gauge measurement, to monitor and analyze activities inside industrial assets or new constructions. Through our Vallen software, all sensor data can be conveniently evaluated together and visualized in our dashboard. Using our all-in-one measurement system helps you to get your monitoring challenge under complete control.

SHM Application Info

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Self-Checking Sensor Network

The self-checking-sensor network can be optimally realized by our SHM-MP1. It is an SHM measurement point with a piezoelectric AE sensor, mechanical separated pulse transmitter for independent sensor coupling quality verification, sensor testing and a smart preamplifier for self-identification at the acoustic emission measurement system. The selected frequency range makes it especially suited for monitoring of large structures or objects made of highly attenuating material. The smart 0 dB preamplifier converts the high impedance piezoelectric transducer output to a low impedance signal suitable for long cable transmission (hundreds of meters). It is therefore suited for detecting high energy AE sources such as tendon or wire rupture in tensioned concrete. The watertight design and the environmental resistant materials allow outdoor usage over the dedicated monitoring period.

Technical Specification

Frequency Range (fPeak) [kHz] 20 to 100
Power Supply [vDC] 28 ± 2
Typ. Power[W] 0.56 / 2.5 @ Signal 0% / 100%
Integrated Preamplifier Yes
Max. AE Input Range 134 dBAE
Sensor Coupling Verification Yes, mechanical separate pulse transmitter
Operating Temperature -40 to +85°C
Vibration–Sinus Sweep 2 Oct/Min, 5 to 50 Hz, 20 g
Ingress Protection Rating IP68, max. 0.2 bar with connected cable
Dimension (L x Bx H) 160x110x70 mm
Weight [g] 680
Case Material Sensor Stainless Steel (1.4571/ 1.4404)
Shield Cross-Talk [dB] < -80
Typ. Noise (max. 1/s) [dBAEPeak] 54 @ 25 -45 kHz
Typ. Noise [μVRMS] 163 @ 25 -45 kHz

Data Acquisition

Vallen System offers its customers a maximum of flexibility in their monitoring project. The basis is the proven and flexible AMSY-6 AE system which can be integrated in several cabinets driven by the requirements of the project. The solution provides remote access and automated online analysis, alarming and notifications in case of an emergency. The bandwidth varies from the plain AE system to the full setup including, e.g., industrial PC, router, USV. The turnkey solution has a standardized CAN bus interface to include additional measurement 3rd party data like strain gauges, temperature, etc., in the AE data set.

Vallen Automation Manager Software

Vallen Automation Manager (AM) Software is the central software module of the monitoring system. The AM controls data acquisition, analysis (VisualAE), alarm handling, communication with the system and data storage. The operator defines event-driven tasks with several actions to make the monitoring system autonomous. Cyclic tasks like sensor mounting verification or data upload to cloud storage are scheduled by the AM. In case of a fulfilled predefined alarm criteria, related to critical data or system status, the AM triggers an alarm and sends notifications to the operator as basis for further decisions.


Vallen Dashboard is an add-on feature to provide external access to relevant application data without direct log-on to the monitoring system. Vallen Automation Manager Software handles the automatic upload of pre-selected data to the cloud server and Vallen Dashboard displays the information in a user-defined layout. The dashboard can be adapted and customized by the user and information can be provided in bar charts, scatter plots, heat maps and line charts. Vallen Dashboard is designed to be used on PCs or mobile devices and can be hosted on any server. A flexible user management allows the operator to manage the permissions to adapt the dashboard and access to selected information.

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