The VS900-F is an IP68 passive piezoelectric AE sensor that has a broad frequency response. Its response is characterized by two peaks at 150 kHz and 350 kHz with accompanying anti-resonances at 200 kHz and 400 kHz. Benefits of the VS900-F are a high sensitivity over a broad frequency range with compromises regarding the flatness of response. It combines a good response in the standard and high frequency range.

Technical Specification

Frequency Range (fPeak) [kHz] 100 to 900 (350)
Integrated Preamplifier No
Operating Temperature [°C] -50 to +150
Capacity [pF] 540
Vibration @ Sinus Sweep 2 Oct/Min, 5 to 180 Hz, 40 g
Size (D x H) [mm] max. 22.3 x 18.2
Weight [g] 24.5
Case Material Stainless Steel (1.4571/ 1.4404)
Wear Plate Ceramics
Connector SMA
Ingress Protection Rating (IP) IP68
Shield Cross-Talk [dB] < -80