The VS30-SIC-V2-46dB is a piezoelectric AE sensor with integrated preamplifier. The low frequency response makes it especially suited for monitoring large objects or objects made of highly attenuating material. The VS30-SIC-V2-46dB can be used for tank floor corrosion and leak detection, leak detection in pipelines, partial discharge detection and integrity testing of concrete structures. The watertight design allows outdoor usage.
The integrated preamplifier has 46 dB gain and supports pulse through for automatic sensor testing.

Technical Specification

Frequency Range (fPeak) [kHz] 25 to 80
Power Supply [VDC] 28 ± 2
Integrated Preamplifier Yes
Preamplier Gain [dB] 46
Operating Temperature [°C] -5 to +85
Vibration @ Sinus Sweep 2 Oct/Min, 5 to 50 Hz, 20 g
Size (D x H) [mm] 28.6 x 51.8
Weight [g] 172
Case Material Stainless Steel (1.4571/ 1.4404)
Wear Plate Ceramics
Connector SMA
Ingress Protection Rating IP68, max. 0.2 bar with connected cable
Shield Cross-Talk [dB] < -80
Noise (max. 1/s) [dBAE Peak] 18.5 @ 25 – 45 kHz
Noise (max. 1/s) [µVRMS] 2.6 @ 25 – 45 kHz
Pulse Through Yes