The SHM-MP1 is a SHM measurement point with a piezoelectric AE sensor, mechanical separated pulse transmitter for independent sensor coupling quality verification, sensor testing and a smart preamplifier for self-identification at the acoustic emission measurement system. The selected frequency range makes it especially suited for monitoring of large structures or objects made of highly attenuating material. The smart 0 dB preamplifier converts the high impedance piezoelectric transducer output to a low impedance signal suitable for long cable transmission (hundreds of meters). It is therefore suited for detecting high energy AE sources such as tendon or wire rupture in tensioned concrete. The watertight design and the environmental resistant materials allow outdoor usage over the dedicated monitoring period.


Technical Specification

Frequency Range (fPeak) [kHz] 20 to 100
Power Supply [VDC] 28 ± 2
Integrated Preamplifier Yes
Preamplifier Gain [dB] 0
Operating Temperature [°C] -40 to +85
Vibration @ Sinus Sweep 2 Oct/Min, 5 to 50 Hz, 20 g
Size (L x B x H) [mm] 160 x 110 x 70
Weight [g] 680
Case Material Stainless Steel (1.4571/ 1.4404)
Wear Plate
Mounting bracket
POM, black
Connector SMA
Ingress Protection Rating IP68, max. 0.2 bar with connected cable
Shield Cross-Talk [dB] < -80
Noise (max. 1/s) [dBAE Peak] 54 @ 25 – 45 kHz
Noise (max. 1/s) [µVRMS] 163 @ 25 – 45 kHz
Pulse Through Yes