The ISAS03-900 is a piezoelectric AE sensor with integrated preamplifier based on intrinsically safe electronic design making it suitable for installation in ATEX zone 0 environment. ISAS3-900 has a recommended bandwith for application from 95 kHz to 960 kHz with peak sensitivity at 340 kHz. The integrated preamplifier has 20 dB gain and supports Automatic Sensor Test (AST) for judging sensor coupling. The advantages of ISAS3 include the intrinsically safe and robust sensor design, the ATEX certification, ingress protection class IP68 and water and oil resistance up to 12 bar.

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The sensitivity curve refers to a typical ISAS3/SISO3 combination with a total gain of 34 dB [ISAS3 20 dB, SISO3 14 dB].


Technical Specification

Frequency Range (fPeak) [kHz] 220 to 910 (340)
Power Supply [VDC] 12 ± 1
Typ. Power [W] 0.13 / 0.18 @ Signal 0% / 100%
Preamplifier Yes
Preamplier Gain [dB] 20
Operating Temperature [°C] -20 to +60
Size (W x L x H) [mm] 53.5 x 56 x 47.5
Weight [g] 250
Case material Stainless Steel (1.4571)
Wear Plate Stainless Steel (1.4571)
Connector SMA
Ingress Protection (IP) Rating IP68
Shield Cross-Talk [dB] < -80
Noise (max. 1/s) [dBAE Peak] 30.4 @ 95 – 960 kHz
Noise (max. 1/s) [µVRMS] 5.5 @ 95 – 960 kHz
Pulse AST Yes
Max. input Voltage Ui [V] 13.8
Max. inner Capacity Ci [nF] 65
Max. input Current Ii [mA] 60
Max. inner Inductivity Li [µH] 1
Max. input Power Pi [W] 0.3
ATEX Label II 1G Ex ia IIC T6 Ga

Further Information